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Strength Clusters™ Visual Map & Mat of Character Strengths
Strength Clusters™ Visual Map & Mat of Character Strengths

Strength Clusters™ featured at the First Festival on Positive Education - IPEN 2016 

“The soul never thinks without a picture.”

- Aristotle

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

- Aristotle


“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking,

don't bother trying to teach them.

Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead

to new ways of thinking.” 


- R. Buckminster Fuller


Strength Clusters™ is an innovative tool and a powerful group experience that helps people understand and connect with each other through the language of character strengths. The Strength Clusters™ Visual Map and experience supports the results of the VIA Survey and the VIA Classification of Character Strengths. 




> A holistic visual graphic representation map of the VIA Classification of

   Character Strengths currently used by coaches, educators, psychologists, and    therapists in over 11 countries around the world.

> Serves as a bridge to enhance the connection and understanding of character

   strengths in a visual, multi-sensory, and functional context through the use of

   color, representation, form, and meaningful experience

> A tool that addresses character strengths through different learning pathways

> Facilitates learning through meaningful group experiences

> Helps us see and experience where we connect, how we are different, how we

   complement each other 

> Activates dynamic relationships

> Fosters a culture of appreciation

> Available in 3 languages




The VIA Classification of Character Strengths and Virtues developed by

Dr. Christopher Peterson and Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman, constitute the backbone of the field of positive psychology. This seminal work provides us with an invaluable universal language for flourishing. The beauty and power of this common language for strengths is manifold. Most importantly, this invaluable language is universal and relatable across the different generational age groups from youth to adult. 


Scientific research in positive psychology indicates that connecting with our character strengths has a significant impact on improved well-being, sense of empowerment, motivation, engagement and positively influences the dynamics of all of our relationships.


Do you know your character strengths? Visit for more information on the VIA Institute on Character and to take the free VIA Survey.


Inspired by a need to have a deeper connection with the language of strengths, Strength Clusters™ was developed as a holistic visual map representation of the VIA Classification of Character Strengths. It is an innovative support tool that serve as a bridge to enhance the connection with character strengths in a visual, multi-sensory, and functional context. These practical tools are intended to elevate the understanding of VIA character strengths through the use of color, representation, form, and experience. These tools are also intended to help coaches, therapists, and educators work with their groups and clients as they connect with this universal language.


Howard Gardner in his book Multiple Intelligences explains that “Some students will learn from linguistic entry points, others from artistic or personal or logical entry points… Through multiple [learning] approaches, one activates different clusters of neural networks. To the extent that numerous neural networks are activated, and eventually connected, one obtains a solid and enduring mental representation of the topic in question.”


The goal of Strength Clusters™ is to provide a holistic way to see and understand our VIA character strengths and explore how those strengths interact within our core relationship groups (family, school, friendships and work teams). By having a visual reference that reminds us of our unique strengths and others’ strengths graphically represented and visible, we can leverage and nurture the best in each other in a more consistent way. We can deepen a group’s culture of appreciation and contribute to creating dynamic environments in which all flourish together. 





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