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strength clusters family sessions (South Florida)

facilitated by Giselle Marzo Segura, creator of Strength Clusters®



"Connection is the energy that is created between people when

they feel seen, heard, and valued."  

- Brené Brown

How do you…



    connect and nurture what is best in yourself and your family?


    nurture and grow an appreciative view of each other?


     change the dynamics at home to increase happiness and       



     discover ways to appreciate differences and unearth        

     common ground?


      create a culture of appreciation in a family, group,            

      team or community?


      open spaces for authentic, wholehearted conversations?


      nurture love, connection, awareness?


Character strengths are an essential part of what makes each of us who we are. Yet, the majority of people are unaware of their strengths, and tend to place an outstanding focus on fixing weaknesses. 


If we can use a metaphor from nature, our strengths are the seeds of our potential. What does a seed need in order to grow into the plant or tree it is meant to be? What happens to a seed when its not provided the water it needs, nor given proper care and nourishment? 


Much of our focus today as a society is centered on a deficit-lens, on fixing weaknesses, yet, we do not notice the extent of the damage this focus does to ourselves and those around us. Scientific research has found that focusing on character strengths and developing a lens of appreciation is linked to increased happiness, improved wellbeing, better relationships, deeper connections and higher productivity. 


During these live, comprehensive, dynamic, and fun 1.5 - 2.5 hr sessions, you and your family will work together as group to learn all about what is best in each other, through the language of character strengths and the practice of appreciation.


Together, we will nurture an appreciative view of each other within the family group and build new spaces of connection. Through the language of strengths, we will generate conversations, pique each other's creativity, and participate multi-sensory and dynamic exercises that will arm all participants with new way to discover, connect, and empower yourself and each other.


to learn more and to schedule your appointment in South Florida

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