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strength clusters® 



a one day workshop

for coaches, educators, therapists, and leaders

to learn more: 

How do you…

     connect with what is best in people?


     increase engagement & motivation in life and work?


     discover ways to appreciate differences and unearth        

     common ground?


      create a culture of appreciation in a family, group,            

      team or community?


      open spaces for authentic, wholehearted conversations?


      nurture collaboration?


Learn the powerful new method that is currently transforming the way coaches, educators, psychologists and leaders help the people they serve, discover, understand, and nurture what is best in themselves and others through the language of character strengths.


During this live, comprehensive and dynamic one-day workshop, you will learn tools to support and elevate the learning of VIA Survey and the VIA Classification of Character, taking it into an entirely new level that goes far beyond the page and directly into an embodied experience.

We will make the language of strengths come alive, generate conversations, pique your creativity, and put into action multi-sensory and dynamic exercises that will arm you with a new way to discover, connect, and empower yourself and those you serve.


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