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What practitioners say...

"I use your mat every day with my individual and group clients! It's opening up an entire new world for my work as a psychodramatist. Thank you for creating it!"

"My clients can't wait to 'go on the mat' for check-ins and as we work towards pathways to strengths activation -- working on the map creates:  1) a way to facilitate and appreciative inquiry as clients tell their strengths stories; 2) a prompt and concretization for future best selves ... and 3) help to consolidate each week the micro progress clients have made as well ...instilling hope and increasing positivity. Thank you Giselle for giving us a way to bring to life the multiple intelligences within each client (my groups love it too)."

Phoebe A., LCSW, Coach, TEP

United States

"It's a very powerful tool that allows groups to appreciate each other's strengths."

Sharon S. (Psychologist)


"There's something about standing on a strength and speaking from that place that really helps people connect... I used my mat at a leadership course and it worked really well... The participants shared amazing stories."

Colleen C. (Executive Coach, Psychotherapist)


"My sessions were very enlivened today because of what we did with the VIA Strengths on your mat."


"This tool is making my therapy sessions even better."

Nancy K., PhD, OTR, PP, TEP (Psychologist)

United States

"In only a few minutes [on the mat], a group of strangers had become a community, sharing a moment in time that was focused on the good. This is the power of strengths -- it is a key to the power of positive education... During this exercise, there were happy collisions, hugs, and laughter, as members of the group shared strengths with one another."

Ruth P. (Wholebeing Institute)

United States

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